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Ripmax Bolero 3D (Coral Snake) ARTF EP/GP

Bolero 3D (Coral Snake) ARTF EP/GP

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Ripmax Bolero 3D (Coral Snake) ARTF EP/GP

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Brand  Ripmax

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The Bolero is a high performance funfly aircraft with huge control surfaces for 3D flight. The wings are fully symmetrical and feature a thick custom aerofoil to improve flight characteristics on windy days and a predictable response during slow speed. The fuselage is long to increase pitch stability and thin to help the Bolero track straight and true. The tailplane is open structure to reduce weight and the control surfaces themselves are huge and capable of large throws. The Bolero can be wild in the right hands but that shouldn't scare any novice aerobatic pilots away. Simply reduce the control movements down and the Bolero is docile enough to learn aerobatics and make a great first mid-wing model. The Bolero is predictable, smooth with the ability to progress with you as you become a 3D pro!

Brand New Scheme!

• All balsa and ply construction
• Pre-covered in high quality heat shrink film
• Suitable for electric or I/C power - (option pack required)
• Large control surfaces for 3D flight
• Aluminium undercarriage
• Optional side force generators for amazing knife-edge performance
• 2-Piece wing with carbon spar for easy transport
• Large access hatch

Electric Power Option

• Brushless Motor: Ripmax Quantum II 55
• Propeller: 13 x 6" APC
• ESC: 80A
• Li-Po Battery: 5S1P 4500mAh 30C

I/C Power Option

• Engine: .40 - .55 2-stroke


Wingspan:1500mm (59")
Length:1510mm (59.5")
Weight:2900g (6.4lbs) - I/C
Weight:3080g (6.8lbs) - Electric
Servos:4-5 Standard Size (Req.)
Radio System:4-5 Channel (Req.)


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