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Perkins Extra 300S 61-75 1.59m (62.5in) (SEA-70B)

Extra 300S 61-75 1.59m (62.5in) (SEA-70B)

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Perkins Extra 300S 61-75 1.59m (62.5in) (SEA-70B)

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Brand  Perkins

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 SEAGULL EXTRA 300S (61-75 SIZE) (SEA-70 )

  • Wingspan - 63ins (160cm)
  • Wing area - 663.4sq.ins (
  • Suits - 61-75 2-stroke. (70-120 4-Stroke)
  • 4 channel RC with 6 servos
  • Factory covered with Profilm
  • Length - 116.7cm (45.9ins)
  • Approx flying weight - 6.6 - 7.5lb (3.0 - 3.2kg)

From 1992 to this day, the Extra 300S with its timeless looks and inspiring performance has been a favourite with aerobatic pilots and over the years has been responsible for a large collection of silverware!

Seagull Models have worked hard in getting this great representation of the Extra 300S looking and flying beautifully. It has a stunningly light yet strong, computer designed and laser cut airframe strikingly covered in arguably the strongest and best covering available, PROFILM .

It is equipped with large control surfaces to help give this model a strong powerful feel and assist in delivering some of the outrageous manoeuvres the Extra 300S is famous for.

All in all a great model to fly and admire.


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