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Get On Our Wavelength - NEW Infrared and Ultraviolet MKII Raleigh Choppers

Get On Our Wavelength - NEW Infrared and Ultraviolet MKII Raleigh Choppers
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After a long wait, the much anticipated Toyway Infra-red and Ultra-violet MkII diecast chopper bikes from Bachmann are finally here! Click Here

Now in stock on our website Elite Models Online , our Modelworld retail shop in Sittingbourne and our Modelworld eBay store .

Also available in orange, yellow, blue and black here - now you can complete the full set of all 6 colours!

Read on for more details and a video!

These 1:12 scale models come with a die-cast metal frame; chrome plated plastic parts; working steering; pedal/chain movement and PVC vinyl black tyres with detailed tread pattern.

First produced by the Raleigh Bicycle Company of Nottingham, England in 1969, and the brainchild of the late Tom Karen OBE, the iconic Raleigh Chopper bicycle appeared in a number of films, TV series and even music videos throughout the 1970s and 80s, becoming not only a British staple, but eventually a global phenomenon. Its unique design - inspired by dragsters, beach buggies and "chopped" motorcycles - captivated public attention and throughout its production years (between 1969-2005) the Raleigh Chopper never lost its shine; at its inception it won the hearts and minds of kids as the coolest new toy on the block and the classic bicycles ultimately went on to become highly sought after vintage collectables dripping with nostalgia, re-popularised by a number of celebrities in the early 2000s.

More than 50 years after the Raleigh chopper's initial release, don't miss out on the chance to recapture some of your childhood joy with this blast from the past and ride home in style with a little slice of retro pop culture history!

Watch the video from Bachmann down below to find out more about these brand new models: