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Airfix Planes, Boats & Automobiles As Far As The Eye Can Sea!

Airfix Planes, Boats & Automobiles As Far As The Eye Can Sea!
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We've just had a large delivery of Airfix and Quick Build plastic kits in various scales available for varying budgets and difficulty levels.

You'd be hard pushed not to find something for everyone in our massive range of gift sets , starter sets and kits to suit the young beginner, enthusiastic hobbyist or even the most advanced modeller.

So come and grab yourself some boats , planes automobiles and military vehicles now, while stocks last.

Originally established by  Hungarian refugee Nicholas Kove in 1939  as a manufacturer of rubber-inflated toys, Airfix has been producing kits since 1952 and still remains a giant in the modelling industry today.

A sky Full of Planes

Even without a simulator, you can still experience soaring through the skies and recreate a piece of aviation history, choosing from an enormous range of civilian aircraft and iconic warbirds such as the Concorde or Spitfire.

A Sea of Boats

For the modeller with interests in all things nautical there's no need to brave the high seas to experience the joy of sailing - we've got classic and modern warships, as well as the infamous Titanic.

A Convoy of military vehicles

For the Military history buff we've got a wide variety of WWI & WWII Tanks, armoured and amphibious vehicles and equipment, representing a range of nations and armed forces.

A Crowd of Figurines

Looking to flesh out your diorama with some realistic and highly detailed unpainted 1:76 and 1:32 scale figurines? All you will need are some paints to bring them to life.

Trackloads of Cars

If you're looking for a challenge then look no further than our 1/12 scale 1930 Classic Bentley kit.

For younger or less dextrous modellers you can still build yourself your dream classic or modern car from Volkswagen beetles to Ford Mustangs with ease with our fantastic looking new range of Quickbuild easy clip together plastic kits - NO fiddly glue or paints required!

Or you can get started now with our Starter sets and gift sets   without worrying about purchasing the correct paints, glues and brushes separately.