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Planes, Trains, Cars & Figurines, Our Airfix Range!

Planes, Trains, Cars & Figurines, Our Airfix Range!
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Looking for something to do in the cold, dark, wet evenings, or perhaps you fancy delving into the world small scale modelling, Airfix is great for all of these. A constantly expanding range of plastic model kits from Airfix means there's always something to keep you busy.

Our plastic model Airfix range contains a variety of different types of models from classic WWI Aircraft, to modern day sports cars and jets and its not just the standard plastic sets we stock, we also now have the Quick Build Range from Airfix for those who aren't so confident.

If your new to plastic modelling and don't know where to start why not check out our starter sets page where we have all the Starter Kits listed at an amazing price. These kits come with brushes and the recommended paints, but if you would like to purchase them separately we have those to!

The Quick Build Range is great for anyone who is looking for something simple yet doesn't want to compromise the detail of the model. coming as a variety of different vehicles and aircraft there's definitely something for everyone. There's no need for any paints or tool either so if you're looking at buying for the younger audience its completely safe to do so.

If its something more technical your looking at we have that to! we sell a variety of skill level kits ranging from 1-5 (1 being the easiest and 5 being the trickiest) all in standard Airfix form. So if you want to try and test your ability we have many options for you to look at.