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Radient Ascert 80W LCD Charger (UK)

Ascert 80W LCD Charger (UK)

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Radient Ascert 80W LCD Charger (UK)

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Brand  Radient

Out of Stock
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The Radient Ascert multi-chemistry professional charger is an innovative evolution in entry level R/C battery chargers that focuses on simplicity, capability, and safety. The backlit LCD makes it simple to select your chosen charge parameters and makes monitoring your battery’s status easy, in any light. We’ve packed this charger with features that achieve compatibility with today’s latest battery technologies and give you the tools you need to keep your batteries and equipment in top condition.

What's in the box

  • 1 x Ascert multi-chemistry balance charger.
  • 1 x Mains power lead.
  • 1 x DC power lead with crocodile clips.
  • 1 x Multi squid connector lead with Tamiya, HCT, XT60, EC3, EC5, crocodile, JST, Molex, glow ignitor, Futaba battery, and custom connectors.
  • 1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.
  • Suits 1 - 15 cells NiCd / NiMH
  • 1 - 6S LiPo / LiHV / LiIon / LiFe
  • 2 - 20V Pb
  • Blue backlit LCD
  • 0.1 - 8A charge rates in 0.1A increments
  • 0.1 - 2A discharge rate in 0.1A increments
  • Cell meter
  • Battery capacity meter
  • Internal resistance measurement
  • Battery balancer
  • Digital output power
  • Safe Start and Safe Peak technology
  • Micro processor controlled
  • Multiple plug adapters included
  • Built-in XH style balance ports (2S - 6S)
  • AC or DC input power
  • USB software update capability

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