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Flite Test 35amp ESC with XT60

35amp ESC with XT60

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Flite Test 35amp ESC with XT60

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Brand  Flite Test

  Out of Stock
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At Flite Test, we gave a lot of thought about what makes a great ESC. It's pretty simple really but a couple of things were important to us: 

  • Pre-Soldered Connector:  We took the liberty of adding an XT-60 connector to make it a simple a connection to your battery. 
  • Pre-Soldered 3.5mm Bullet Connectors:  This makes attaching to our FT Radial Motors a breeze. We suggest using the FT 35A ESC with the Power Pack B and Power Pack C sized radial motors. 
  • 5v / 3amp BEC:  We like a BEC on our speed controllers because it allows you to power lower voltage demand accessories without having a second battery on board.
  • Accessory Cable:  Provides an easy connection to full battery voltage  (2S to 4S)  to power your accessories.  Note:   this is not a regulated power source! Full battery voltage is supplied at this connector.
Continuous Current:  35A   
Burst Current (10s):  40A
Input Voltage:   7.4-14.8
Dimensions:  52x26x7
Weight:  28g
BEC Output:  3A @ 5V