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Force 52 ABC Aero Engine (8.52cc)

52 ABC Aero Engine (8.52cc)

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Force 52 ABC Aero Engine (8.52cc)

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Brand  Force

  Warehouse Stock
Usually Dispatches In 1-2 Working Days.
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R/C flyers adore engines, they always will, and for many, two-strokes are still the preferred choice, particularly in the quality mid-range club sector where, of course, the ubiquitous .46 – .52 has so many uses. Well, as luck would have it, recent demand has encouraged Force Engines to step up and produce this beautifully-made single-cylinder, front induction, ABC, R/C glow engine.

Sporting a crisp and clean, bead blasted, black anodised crankcase, robust one-piece crankshaft – supported on a front (sealed) and rear (open) bearing – the Force 52 offers reassuring longevity with its aluminium alloy piston and hard chrome-plated brass liner, the latter schnuerle ported for improved efficiency and power. Add a proven twin-needle carburettor, substantial high-volume silencer, cast high-grip knurled prop driver and impressive rpm range and you have a perfect, and rather eye-catching, R/C sport aero engine for a variety of propeller sizes in the popular 10 x 8 to 12 x 6” bracket.

Easy to start, easy to tune and promising years of reliable service the Force 52 is more than a match for your Sunday hack or sport aerobat and it won't break the bank.

Key Features
  • ABC piston and liner.
  • Powerful 8.52cc single cylinder two-stroke.
  • Schnuerle ported cylinder and liner.
  • 2,800 to 12,000rpm range
  • 10 x 8 to 12 x 6" propeller range.
  • Uses glow fuel with between 5 and 15% nitromethane.
  • Twin ball race crankshaft.
  • Twin needle carb with rear canted main needle.
What's in the Box
  • 1x Force 52 ABC two-stroke aero engine.
  • 1x Torpedo silencer with pressure nipple.
  • 1x Silencer gasket.
  • 2x Silencer mounting screws.
  • 1x Propeller driver.
  • 1x Instruction and operating sheet.
  • 1x Prop nut and washer.
Needed to Complete
  • 1x Medium cold glow plug.
  • 1x 10 x 8 to 12 x 6" propeller.


Displacement (cc):8.52
Bore (mm):23.5
Stroke (mm):19.6
Weight (g):520
Nitro content:5 – 15%