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RadioLink Fixed Wing Flight Controller

Fixed Wing Flight Controller

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RadioLink Fixed Wing Flight Controller

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Brand  RadioLink

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RadioLink's 3-axis multi-function flight controller has the ability enhance flight characteristics right across the board, with anything from a basic trainer, through sport and aerobatic models to 3D aircraft. Featuring a 3-axis gyro, along with a 3-axis acceleration sensor, full attitude algorithm, control algorithm and digital filter, this technically advanced unit not only offers traditional stabilised and gyro assisted flight support it also allows you to prop hang with ease, even if you’re new to 3D flying! Switch to Vertical Mode and this clever box of tricks takes care of all the mixing that’s required to hold a hover, allowing you to concentrate on presentation and positioning.

In Stability mode, which is ideal for basic training, the model's bank and pitch angles are limited to 70 degrees in roll and 45 degrees in pitch. This provides a perfect aid to the training process, preventing raw beginners from over-controlling and getting into serious trouble. Gyro Mode, meanwhile, offers exceptional stabilisation to help counter the effects of wind and facilitate a much smoother flight; a wonderful feature for foamies and lightly-loaded models that suffer when it's gusty, particularly on landing. With Acro Mode offering a combination of the two and with this capable controller boasting the ability to switch remotely between functions and, better still, turn them off, this is a unit that can comfortably be used for training to BMFA A-Certificate standard (and disabled during the test) whilst offering immense comfort to pilots who are moving up the proficiency scale to 3D flight.

Compact and light its a device you'll find useful in a variety of models for both indoor and outdoor flight. Trust us, you won't realise how useful this is till you've tried it.

Key Features
  • Five flight modes (Stability, Gyro, Acro, Vertical and Manual).
  • Compact and light.
  • Easy set-up.
  • 3-axis gyro.
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor.
  • Input: 6 – 12V
  • Supported signal: SBUS / PPM
What's in the Box
  • 1x Byme-A flight controller.
  • 1x Rx lead.
  • 1x self-adhesive mounting pad.