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Lesu Trucks and Accessories

LESU Trucks - Parts & Accessories


If it’s detail you want, then Lesu model vehicles offer it in trailer loads. These simulated vehicles take realism to another level and their exquisite modelling and top quality materials make them a real prestige purchase. Lesu’s model trucks will give you hours of pleasure in constructing them and years of pleasure in owning them. The models come unfinished so that you can add colour and details according to your own specifications. With their working hydraulic systems and top quality sound, these ultra-high spec RC models look and sound just like the real thing – only smaller.

Lesu also makes top quality accessories and parts for Tamiya models so you can modify, adapt or repair your builds.

Elite Models has got all these Lesu products in stock and ready to ship to you right now. You don’t have to wait and there will be no nasty surprise import taxes and no import duty: we’ve taken care of all that already.

We can also help with extras like radio sets, receivers and servos – just ask our expert team and we’ll tell you what you need to get your Lesu model up and running. And we take great pride in our customer service, so when you buy from Elite Models, you know you’ll get good support.