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Schumacher CAT K2 1/10th Competition 4WD

Cat K2

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Schumacher CAT K2 1/10th Competition 4WD

Stock code K159

Brand  Schumacher

Out of Stock
Currently unavailable - please contact us for an delivery date or an alternative.
RRP £380.00 £337.99
  • New - Alloy chassis side stiffeners.
  • New - Multiple battery fitting options. Saddle and shorty options.
  • New - Captive ball joints.
  • New - Reverse rotation, mid motor layout.
  • New - Split top decks for greater flex characteristics and easier maintainance.
  • New - Compact steering system for improved in-line weight placement with adjustable, dynamic ackerman.
  • New - Super consistent, industry leading QUAD pad, vented slipper with easy access and NEW Ultra Fine adjustment spring.
  • New - Optimised narrow chassis shape to improve roll stability. Improved ground clearance on roll.
  • New - Aerial mount.
  • New - Ultra low motor mount.
  • New - Rear pivot straps.
  • New - Battery thumb screws.
  • New  - Transmission housings.
  • New  - Longer wheelbase.
  • New - Centre-line motor position for lower polar moment.
  • New  - Front yokes with adjustable roll centre heights.
  • New - Stronger outer rear hinge pin.
  • New - 2.5mm aluminium chassis.
  • New - 3.0mm aerospace grade carbon fibre top decks.
  • New - Moulded side pods for superb dirt protection.
  • New - Stronger front, inner hinge pins with new mounting system.
  • New - Easy access centre belt pulley.
  • New - Sleek, ultra narrow body shell.
  • New - Large “CLAW” high down force rear wing package.
  • Optimised 2 belt transmission with efficient low tension Bando belts running on large CNC machined pulleys.
  • Big bore shocks with big bore “CORE” springs, titanium nitride shafts, threaded collars and twin o-ring sealing.
  • Medium flex front suspension arms as standard.
  • Gear Differential with hardened steel gears and super hard outputs. Excellent Diff Life!
  • Optional ball diff available.
  • Strong steel universal driveshafts.
  • 28 Rubber sealed, super precision ball bearings throughout.
  • Horizontally split transmission housings for easy diff access and maintenance.
  • Class leading suspension geometry with durable components and a huge range of optional alloy parts, offering adjustments to setup your CAT K2 to all track conditions.
  • Adjustable rear roll centres, inboard toe-in/toe-out, anti-squat and track width (using optional speed secret parts).
  • Adjustable front roll centres, rake angle and track width (using optional speed secret parts).
  • Strong, rigid 4mm aero space carbon fibre shock brackets.
CAT K2 Specification


Power Source:ELECTRIC
Top Speed:40 MPH+

Further Items Required to Complete

  • 2 Channel Radio
  • Motor
  • Servo
  • Electric Speed Control
  • Tyres
  • Motor Pinion
  • 2s Lipo Battery
  • Paint for Bodyshell