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Yokomo YZ-4 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy

Yokomo YZ-4 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy

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Brand  Yokomo

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Designed by Shin Adachi, and already claiming victories in the hands of factory team driver Lee Martin, the YZ-4 incorporates a dual-belt design connecting dual 3-gear transmission on each end of the vehicle. The design allows for the use of small and light gear differentials, as well as small diameter belt pulleys to help alleviate the frustrations of skipping belts.

The buggy also features a balanced chassis layout with a forward-mid motor placement, with a rearward battery placement. The aluminium chassis accepts many configurations of batteries, to suit all needs and weight bias concerns.

Included with the kit is a carbon steering plate, carbon battery plate and a carbon fibre top deck - which allows different chassis flex configurations similar to touring cars. Other features include steel turnbuckles, big bore (YZ-2 spec) shocks and many aluminium parts.

  • Plastic Front & Rear Shock Towers
  • Plastic Bell Crank and Center Link
  • Plastic Front Upper Arm Mount L/R
  • Plastic Front Pulley (with Clicker type One-way)
  • Plastic Rear Drive Pulley (Wide type)
  • Plastic Servo Mount
  • Plastic Steering Hub Carrier
  • Plastic Rear Hub Carrier
  • Plastic Rear Suspension Mount
  • Aluminium Motor Mount (Black Anodized)
  • Aluminium Centre Mount (Black Anodized)
  • Aluminium Hard Anodized Main Chassis
  • Aluminium Front Suspension Mount (Black and Silver cut)
  • Aluminium Front Brace (Black and Silver cut)
  • Aluminium Belt Tensioner Mount (Black and Silver cut)
  • Aluminium Battery Holder Nuts (Black and Silver Cut)
  • Wide Rear Belt
  • Steel Main Shaft
  • Carbon Graphite Steering Plate
  • Carbon Graphite Upper Deck
  • Carbon Graphite Battery Plate
  • Gear Differentials (Bevel Gear/Oil type)
  • Big Bore "X33" Shocks (YZ-2 spec)
  • Updated Cab Forward Body
  • Full Ball Bearings
  • C-clip Universal Drive Shafts
  • Steel Turnbuckles
  • Pinion Gear Included